Eminence Organics is one
of the world's leading
organic skin care lines.
Offered at exclusive spas
and salons around the
world, Eminence Organic
Skin Care is the preferred
line for our most discerning
customers who are
interested in applying only
organic, naturally
occurring, botanically
potent and healing
ingredients to their skin.
  Quasar delivers premium
and innovative Light
Therapy devices to
professionals and home
users. We continue to
deliver the best customer
experience by having the
most informed and
satisfied customers all over
the globe.

When we say it is our
vision to deliver the Best
Customer Experience, we
actually mean it.
  Amidst the pristine beauty
of the Swiss Alps, a new
concept in luxury skin care
is born. One designed to
enhance the health and
beauty of the skin, from the
inside out. Our state of the
art pharmaceutical-grade
ingredients contain ultra-
high levels of peptides,
antioxidants and
polyphenols, and are
processed pure and free
from skin damaging
  Epicuren® represents three
decades of commitment to
the discovery, design and
development of skin care
products. Experience the
treatments that produce a
fundamental improvement
in the health of your skin.
Epicuren® products may
only be sold by Medical
Doctors and Licensed
Aestheticians in certified
Epicuren Discovery®
  Shinso Essence and Shinso Mist are very unique
because they use over 26
active ingredients in a
combination which cannot
be replicated at this time.
These active ingredients
not only correct the health
and function of the skin,
but they are natural and
can be used on virtually
anyone. Unlock the ancient
Japanese secrets of
radiant, youthful, and
uniform skin while avoiding harmful synthetic hemicals
and pore-clogging oils.
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